Meet MIZZLE dress!

Meet MIZZLE dress!

Attention all sewers and fashion-forward crafters! Today marks the exciting launch of MIZZLE, my brand new children's sewing pattern, say hello to your new favourite go-to dress for your little ones!

MIZZLE is not just your average t-shirt dress; it's a reimagined classic that effortlessly combines comfort with flair. Designed to keep your child twirling with joy, this one-piece wonder boasts a captivating pleat detail and a relaxed silhouette that ensures maximum comfort without compromising on style.

One of the most best features of MIZZLE is its versatility. Whether it's a sunny day at the park or a cozy evening at home, this dress is designed to adapt to any occasion. With options for both short and long sleeves, MIZZLE seamlessly transitions through the seasons, ensuring that your child can enjoy wearing it year-round.

Now, let's talk fabrics. MIZZLE invites you to play with textures and materials, offering endless possibilities for customisation. The top half of the dress uses stretch fabric, with cotton-based jerseys being the ideal choice. French terry or light to medium weight sweatshirt fabrics are recommended for their compatibility with the woven skirt.

Speaking of the skirt, MIZZLE opens up a world of fabric options, from cotton lawn and poplin to denim chambray and linen. The oversized fit of the dress allows for effortless movement, making it perfect for everyday wear and play.

When it comes to construction, MIZZLE provides detailed instructions and a comprehensive size chart to ensure a perfect fit. Pay close attention to both body measurements and finished garment measurements to select the right size for your child.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of MIZZLE is the opportunity for creativity it presents. Whether you're a seasoned sewing enthusiast or a novice looking to hone your skills, MIZZLE allows you to unleash your imagination and create something truly unique for your little one.

For those who prefer a guided approach, we're thrilled to announce that a sew-along is available on our YouTube channel or on the tutorials page of our website. Join us as we walk you through each step of the process.

MIZZLE is more than just a sewing pattern; it's a gateway to endless possibilities. With its blend of comfort, style, and versatility, MIZZLE is sure to become a staple in your child's wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of MIZZLE today and watch your child twirl with delight in their new favourite dress! Available now in our Children's Patterns Page 

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