Who We Are

Little Rosy Cheeks is a sewing brand that promotes self-love and belief. Our aim is to empower makers to sew these wee labels into their clothes and feel comfort and confidence in what the messages are telling them. You are unique, loved and important. Sewing your own clothes and making things for loved ones is a feeling like no other, we want Little Rosy Cheeks labels to reflect that.

photo of white woman in her 40's standing in front of a shop display

I’m Victoria and I run the business with a lot of help from my husband and family. I started sewing over 20 years ago and when I’m not sewing for myself, I teach new sewers and dressmakers at Sew Yarn Crafty and Studio. I love teaching sewing and watching women come in afraid to take their own body measurements, eventually go on to tackle adjustments to make the clothes fit their beautiful and unique bodies.
During lockdown 2020 I spent time repeating affirmations with my children for their return to school and I wished that I could put something in to their pockets to give them comfort and confidence. I decided to design a label with the affirmations we had recited.
And so Little Rosy Cheeks Sewing labels was born. As I have a love of colour and print it made sense to try and incorporate some of my favourites into the labels.
In the near future I would like to release a range of sewing patterns for children and continue to spread the word on how fantastic it is to have a hobby like sewing to improve your sense of self-worth.