New packaging is here!

New packaging is here!

You may have noticed that Little Rosy Cheeks packaging has had a makeover recently and I couldn’t be happier with it!


The new packaging and branding was designed by Zabby Allen, who is such a joy to work with. Zabby and I discussed the branding being fun and colourful (like the woven labels), then we chose a colour palette to suit that. Working with other creatives on Little Rosy Cheeks has been a brilliant experience and its great to be in a position where I can pay to have help with different aspects of the business. 

Having worked in retail for many years before having my children, attractive packaging is important to me! I always think about how things look in bricks and mortar shops as well as online stores, and this new packaging stands out in both. The colours frame the fun labels inside beautifully.

When I started little Rosy Cheeks in 2020, I knew that I wanted the packaging to be of a professional standard and not made by my hands. I also wanted them to be paper so that the packaging could be recycled.

There is a small window on the front of the packaging which allows me to use the packs across any of the labels. No need for image stickers or a different pack for each label.

The window is made from PVC. Here is the science bit…PVC is made by reacting chlorine, carbon, and ethylene (a petrol product). The raw materials are essentially, salt and oil. Electrolysis of saltwater produces the chlorine, which is combined with ethylene (obtained from oil) to form vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) is a colourless compound, and it is estimated that approximately 13 billion kilograms are produced annually. VCM then undergoes a process called polymerisation, which results in a base PVC, to which additives are incorporated to make a customised PVC compound.

PVC is not biodegradable unfortunately, but it can be recycled. I hope you are still with me!

The final reason for the change is because I am working hard on the children’s patterns. Eek! The packaging for the patterns is going to look gorgeous in your sewing spaces and will have a similar feel to the label packaging. I can’t wait to show it to you.

If you have any packaging questions you can email me at


Until next time, happy sewing!


Victoria x


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